Frank Pape

FitFam events: 🌟 9
FitFam event finishes (submitted): 9

Started running in 1989, after a highly successful collegiate ski racing career at Stanford University. Needed to keep my legs busy, my asthma at bay, and recover from surgery on my left knee. Ran non-competitively for about a dozen years and ski raced competitively again from 1998-2001. Had reconstructive surgery on my right knee in spring of 2001 and was told that I shouldn't run again, SO I spontaneously ran the Seattle Marathon in 2001. Continued running 30+ miles a week until 2008 when I started keeping track of my times and decided to run a second race, the Super Jock N' Jill 4.5 mile run -- I finished strong and was addicted. Since then, I've run 112 races (5ks, 8ks, & 12ks) -- I've won 33 of them outright, placed in the top three overall 44 times, in the top ten overall 77 times, and in the top three in my age group 102 times (taking first 70 times). I formed a racing team, "No Brain, No Pain", in 2012, and we've won 17 of the 18 races we've entered (taking 2nd in race #18)!