Jeannie Gilbert

FitFam events: 🌟 9
FitFam event finishes (submitted): 5

Married to a wonderful husband who supports my crazy addiction to Running & Triathlons. SAHM mom of 3. Certified Running & Multisport Coach. Prior Physical Therapist before having kids. Loves playing soccer. I was very overweight & at my highest weight a year after my oldest son was born despite being active. I ate poorly. I decided I needed to be a healthier role model, to lead by example as I did not have that growing up. My oldest was starting to eat mostly whole solid foods so I made gradual changes to our family overall nutrition. I lost over 75 pounds in less than a year. I started running & training for my first 10K in 2007 & competed in my first Sprint Tri in 2008. I became hooked! I have competed in numerous distances with some time off due to pregnancy & also ACL surgery. My favorite running distances are 12K to half marathon as well as longer trail races up to 50K. I have competed in Sprint to Full Ironman distance but my favorite distance is Half Ironman. #FitFamAmbassador