Brittany Young

FitFam events: 🌟 8
FitFam event finishes (submitted): 3

Brittany is a 26-year-old adaptive athlete born with a spinal cord birth defect called Spina Bifida. She's had many operations and in 2006 a routine spinal cord operation made a devastating diagnosis come to life; she has Arachnoiditis. It is inflammation of scar tissue that envelopes the nerves and causes all sorts of issues. She lost the ability to walk (not paralysis but extreme weakness) in 2006 and used a chair until 2012 when she recovered. Then in late 2015 things got worse and the weakness came back much quicker. Now she rides for SeanCo Custom Wheelchairs in WMCX which is Wheelchair Motocross/skating in a wheelchair. She does 5k races for various charities and is an active volunteer in the community; from teaching special needs in the classrooms to helping the zoo out during their biggest fundraiser of the year: Spooktacular, a Halloween event for the family!