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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 Frank Pape 18:33 Male Redmond, WA 31° F 5K
It was cold and clear yesterday -- hard on the lungs, but it kept everyone off the Sammamish Trail, so it was easy to fly. Hit turbo to break 6 minutes a mile in the last quarter mile 🙃❄
2 James Lewis 19:21 Male Raeford, NC 5K
3 Craig Halverson 21:05 Male Council Bluffs, IA 37° F 5K
After being sick for over 2 weeks this run was a little hard for me. I'm glad I at least went out and pushed myself as hard as I could to finish and earn my awesome Elfie Run Medal
4 Matthew Severn 23:05 Male SPOKANE, WA 35° F 5K
Run around dowtown. Quite the wintry weather around here.
5 Jared Picune 23:37 Male Lakewood, CO 39° F 5K
6 Dave Eschenbach 23:48 Male Allison Park, PA 20° F 5K
Awesome! A bit chilly with the wind, but no problem. Actually set a PR for myself!
7 Jim Plikerd 26:24 Male Medina, OH 37° F 5K
Run was cold (which I love) and windy (which, yeah - not so much) ... my normal route around a couple local neighborhoods, so the people are used to seeing ME run, but they're not necessarily used to seeing the area's newest Elfie run!
8 James Davitt 27:03 Male Kenilworth , NJ 15° F 5K
Took a lot of negotiating 😉......but convinced the sports orthopedic to let have one last run before the grounding me for two weeks with Achilles Tendonitis.
9 Michael Smith 27:39 Male Canal Winchester, OH 22° F 5K
Cold! Really cold, but that is Ohio! This was my last official 5K for the year. Merry Christmas and bring on 2017!
10 Nicholas Detterman 27:40 Male Manchester, MI 37° F 5K
11 Rolando Mosqueda 27:56 Male Las Vegas, NV 49° F 5K
12 FELIX PEREZ 28:06 Male West Babylon, NY 45° F 5K
Ran a little more than a 5k. Felt so good.
13 Jake Hafen 28:12 Male Rexburg, ID 5K
14 Sean O'Gorman 28:15 Male Mesa, AZ 58° F 5K
15 Allen Johanson 28:15 Male Bartlett, IL 5K
16 Ned Hafen 28:30 Male Southfield, MI 5K
17 John Michaels 28:38 Male St. Louis, MO 25° F 5K
It was cold, but I had a great time!
18 Johnny Nguyen 29:18 Male Wake Forest, NC 46° F 5K
19 Scott Yahr 29:24 Male US 65° F 5K
It was 40 below zero at home in Alaska. I went on a cruise on the Mexican Riviera and ran in 65 degree heat!
20 Ryan Hafen 29:40 Male Southfield, MI 5K
21 Dennis Colucci 31:07 Male Cleveland, OH 68° F 5K
Had meatloaf and three beers about 2 hours prior to my run and I still caught that grinch! I ran on my treadmill.
22 Joshua Zantello 31:15 Male Lincoln City, OR 5K
23 Ryan Stewart 31:16 Male Columbus, OH 45° F 5K
My run was awesome. It was chilly outside but bundled up and hit the trails. Love how we can do it on our own time and still feel great. Finishing is not about the time, it's about pushing yourself to finish. Can't wait for the New Year it's only up from here. Thanks for all your hard work to motivate us all !!
24 Casey Rice 31:31 Male Bloomfield, IN 5K
25 Eric East 32:15 Male Uniontown , OH 34° F 5K
26 Jon Reigle 32:46 Male US 5K
Elliptical at Planet Fitness.
27 Alexander Detterman 33:01 Male Manchester, MI 37° F 5K
28 Tony Wang 33:22 Male Morton, IL 2° F 5K
I stayed indoor instead. It was way too cold outside!
29 Alex Castaneda 33:49 Male Superior, AZ 5K
30 Jonathan Herrick 33:52 Male UT 50° F 5K
31 Declan Pooler 34:07 Male Bend, OR 38° F 5K
I ran with my Momma Elfie and it was Cold, and Snowy, but this little Elfie stayed snug and warm in my stroller till Momma Elfie had me take photos. This Elfie enjoyed the views of snow covered trees and pretty scenery as we ran.
32 Tim Forbes 34:26 Male Poquoson, VA 51° F 5K
33 Cayden Woolard 34:58 Male Shreveport, LA 5K
34 James Severn 35:16 Male SPOKANE, WA 35° F 5K
Got the run in - even after playing a basketball game too. Wintry weather like conditions too.
35 Adam Martin 35:16 Male FL 54° F 5K
36 Addison Ramsbey 35:36 Male Simpsonville, SC 42° F 5K
37 John Benton 36:00 Male Rockville Centre , NY 5K
38 Garrison Stribling 36:38 Male Houston, TX 68° F 10K
39 Tim Samuelson 36:53 Male Fargo, ND 5K
40 Billy Powell 37:00 Male soddy daisy, TN 5K
41 Shannon Rawlins 37:39 Male Conyers, GA 5K
42 Michelina Sullivan 37:44 Male Quincy, IL 40° F 5K
Weather was great for a run, but it was my first long run post surgery.
43 Arthur Mintz 38:11 Male Felton, DE 35° F 5K
44 Brian Garrett 38:15 Male Wilton Manors, FL 74° F 5K
To track my time I participated in the Delray Beach 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Jog and wanted it to count as my Elfie Run!
46 William Abanathie 39:40 Male St. Charles, MO 5K
47 Robert Powell 40:00 Male soddy daisy, TN 5K
48 Andrew Powell 40:00 Male soddy daisy, TN 5K
49 Dave Paschall 40:00 Male Vandalia, OH 43° F 5K
50 Triston Hodson 40:09 Male US 62° F 5K
Loved my swag. Thought I might puke but didn't! First 5k complete.
51 Patton Faith 40:09 Male Katy, TX 40° F 5K
52 Hunter Hodson 40:11 Male US 62° F 5K
It was fun! I loved the Elfie swag!
53 Hector Senior 40:34 Male Port Saint Lucie, FL 5K
54 Colton Carter 41:32 Male Sealy, TX 75° F 5K
#TeamPineapple Team Members: Jacob, Sienna, Colton & Anela...ran together in downtown Sealy, TX. We looked so cute running in our Elf gear, people were waving at us! #FitFam_com #ElfieRun
55 Jacob Chang 41:32 Male Sealy, TX 75° F 5K
#TeamPineapple Team Members: Jacob, Sienna, Colton & Anela...ran together in downtown Sealy, TX. We looked so cute running in our Elf gear, people were waving at us! #FitFam_com #ElfieRun
56 Doug Schunk 42:09 Male State College, PA 11° F 10K
Cold! 11F with a wind chill of 5F. But who needs to feel your fingers after a run.
57 Owen Koch 42:28 Male midland, OH 5K
58 Randy Dilallo 43:00 Male Las Vegas, NV 29° F 5K
59 Jesse Bown 43:02 Male Galloway, NJ 37° F 5K
This was my son's first official 5k. I'm so proud of him for finishing this race. He can't wait to show off his medal at school on Monday.
60 Steve Abbott 43:33 Male Tucson, AZ 65° F 5K
61 Brian McElroy 43:38 Male Youngwood, PA 31° F 10K
62 Frederick Siena-Horowitz 44:01 Male Baldwin, NY 5K
63 Giovanni Siena-Horowitz 44:01 Male Baldwin, NY 5K
64 Christopher Gilland 44:30 Male Orland, CA 5K
Well, first 5K since HM in September. Returning from injury and illness. Slow and steady. This run, though slower than earlier this year, gets me to almost 700 miles for the year.
65 Lenny Loughner 45:11 Male Mansfield , TX 49° F 5K
Tad bit chilly
66 Max Luong 45:31 Male Garden Grove, CA 5K
67 Allen Welsch 46:00 Male Seattle, WA 37° F 5K
68 Brian DeCaires 46:14 Male US 10K
69 Lincoln Kennedy 46:20 Male State College, PA 10K
70 John Behnke 48:12 Male Crystal Lake, IL 5K
indoor on a treadmill with an incline
71 Dexter Dale 48:18 Male Converse, TX 29° F 5K
It took a couple of weeks, but I finished my first 5k one mile at a time.
72 Brian Free 49:00 Male Saint Joseph, MO 37° F 10K
Run was cold, rainy, with sleet towards the end. Despite the weather all runs are good runs because I'm out doing what I love.
73 Paul Strong 50:00 Male CHICOPEE, MA 5K
74 Andre Orloske 50:00 Male Morton Grove, IL 5K
75 James Dankovich 50:51 Male Croughton, GB 48° F 10K
Cold, wet, and windy - Welcome to the UK.
76 Edward Redstreake III 51:01 Male Lake Alfred, FL 75° F 5K
Did it with a co worker that had never done a 5K before.
77 Norman Page 51:29 Male Red Springs, NC 69° F 5K
78 Frank Photiadis 52:29 Male SLC, UT 40° F 5K
79 Chris Galiano 52:37 Male San Diego, CA 63° F 5K
80 Jake Swint 52:37 Male San Diego, CA 63° F 5K
My feet hurt, but I had fun!
81 Mark Brauer 53:46 Male College Station, TX 62° F 10K
82 Ben Hafen 54:00 Male Southfield, MI 5K
83 JR Bea 54:40 Male Renton, WA 5K
This was a casual stroll through the mall. Got my parents out to get some steps in before we settled down for Christmas.
84 Jeff Winger 54:58 Male Starkville, MS 5K
85 David Papazian-Boyce 55:00 Male Belfair, WA 36° F 5K
86 Scot McQueen 55:15 Male Huntley , IL 35° F 5K
87 Parker Davis 55:23 Male duke2007, US
88 Frederick Lyke 56:08 Male Ridgeway, SC 5K
Walked on the treadmill at the Jeep Rogers YMCA, Columbia, SC!
89 Sean Whalen 56:09 Male Tacoma, WA 31° F 10K
90 Michael Bergantzel 56:25 Male Albany, OR 40° F 5K
We walked the Portland OR waterfront. It was chilly and foggy but a beautiful walk.
91 Steven Perry 57:45 Male Richland, WA 28° F 10K
92 Chad Gravley 57:55 Male Forest Grove, OR 25° F 5K
93 Steven Reid 58:16 Male Boise, ID 18° F 10K
I don't mind cold, but the snow & ice is pain. Kept slowing down to avoid slipping. But, I found the road and started to get my stride towards the end.
94 Payton Rawlins 58:18 Male Pearson, IL 5K
95 Eric Lynn 58:26 Male Kirkland, WA 37° F 10K
What a fun way to celebrate the holiday season and the nearing end of 2016. I am pleased with my results as I am getting back into race shape for upcoming 2017. Unlocked a lot of potential and confidence this year, and ready to embrace my inner elf for 2017 to unlock even more
96 Ryan Anke 58:31 Male Auburn, WA 32° F 10K
It was a cold run around Green Lake Park and through Candy Cane Lane.
97 Richard Dickerman 59:14 Male Churubusco , IN 5K
98 Jack Watts 59:44 Male Waskom, TX 78° F 5K
99 Kris Kolbe 59:57 Male Billings, MT 36° F 5K
My wife and I decided that the foot of snow and the cold temperatures were too hardcore for doing the run outside so we walked it at our mall.
100 Don Newcomb 1:00:00 Male US 5K
101 Mark Allison 1:00:23 Male Silver Spring, MD 36° F 10K
great run with Reba
102 Jeremy Heath 1:00:32 Male Phoenix, AZ 10K
Turned ours into 2 10k (half marathon!) on Christmas Day! Great change up for my training and an awesome and fun way to kick off the holiday wknd! And all for a great cause.
103 Rick Turner 1:01:23 Male Katy, TX 5K
104 Dan Marbes 1:02:30 Male De Pere, WI 10K
Great way to start the day. Chose treadmill over outdoors due to sub zero wind chills and dealing with illness.
105 Kaleb Bedolla 1:02:46 Male Discovery Bay, CA 50° F 5K
First 5K - 7 years old, with my little brother and mom.
106 Gavin Bedolla 1:02:46 Male Discovery Bay, CA 50° F 5K
First 5K (only 4 years old and did half on my bike with big brother and Mom)
107 Frederick Thompson 1:03:00 Male Gainesville, TX 39° F 5K
108 Landon Cross 1:03:00 Male Enumclaw, WA 5K
109 Chris Cross 1:03:00 Male US 5K
110 Angela Alexander 1:04:14 Male Chesterfield, VA 5K
i really enjoyed my run, what a beautiful day it was!!!
111 Darron Barnhart 1:04:27 Male Holzgerlingen, DE 37° F 10K
Hard run. Fun swag. Love the lady I run with.
112 Michael Men 1:05:00 Male Houston, TX 10K
113 Bill Bresee 1:06:00 Male US 78° F 5K
114 Alexander Mashburn 1:06:17 Male Canal Fulton, OH 37° F 5K
Walk with Mom, and Jerry and Diane coffee
115 Jerry Coffee 1:06:17 Male Medina, OH 37° F 5K
Walt with Alexander Mashburn, Billie Laurenti and Diane coffee
116 Ronald Wilks 1:06:36 Male Sugar Land, TX 77° F 5K
117 Nick Hafen 1:07:00 Male UT 5K
118 Michael Schmollinger 1:09:32 Male Tooele, UT 29° F 10K
Tooele, UT. The roads were snowy and icy. I ran with my wife. We ran a 5K route we call the toilet bowl and we double "flushed" it. It's a tough route with 112 ft elevation gain.
119 Xavier Shaw 1:10:00 Male Sherman Oaks, CA 54° F 10K
120 Mark Jordan 1:10:13 Male Dixon, IL 32° F 10K
Walked an easy 5K with my wife and then pushed a second racewalking 5K. It felt good to be out again after a week with the flu.
121 Brian Heck 1:13:06 Male Thibodaux, LA 70° F 10K
122 Darrell Wickline 1:14:54 Male Sweet Home, OR 36° F 10K
It was colder then I expected being a sunny day. It's been awhile since I've run so I really enjoyed runnng without a bunch of people around.
123 Massamaghan Kone 1:15:00 Male Lynnwood, WA 34° F 10K
124 Scott Bristow 1:16:33 Male Wilsonville, OR 5K
125 Chance Shaw 1:19:00 Male Chester, VA 45° F 5K
126 Kenneth Benge 1:19:00 Male Grand Island, NE 10K
127 Nehemiah Newcomb 1:22:00 Male US 5K
128 Joe Turner 1:22:06 Male Boston, MA 35° F 10K
129 Thomas Carvell 1:22:53 Male Clarksville, TN 54° F 10K
130 Keith Robinson 1:25:00 Male Norcross, GA 59° F 10K
Ran at Stone Mountain. Good day for running. Got comments about the socks!
131 Neil Allen McGee 1:25:54 Male Pittsburgh, PA 48° F 10K
Nice Run through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
132 Christopher Gunnell 1:27:00 Male La Habra , CA 29° F 10K
133 Don Rollins 1:30:00 Male US 5K
134 Donald Noel 1:33:47 Male PA 18° F 10K
135 Lee Nunn 1:47:00 Male KY 5K
136 Jeremy Lopez 1:53:25 Male New york, NY 30° F 10K
Fun night run with family. No better way to spend the holidays
137 Martin Gunnell 2:11:00 Male La Habra, CA 10K
138 Ian Velez 3:00:00 Male poughkeepsie, NY 5K
A fun 3 mile trek that consisted of a Christmas Quest including a candy cane distribution over the 3 miles!
139 Ryan Velez 3:00:00 Male poughkeepsie, NY 5K
A fun 3 mile trek that consisted of a Christmas Quest including a candy cane distribution over the 3 miles!