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1 27:02 Female Spokane, WA 5K
2 🏆 19 42:00 Female Seattle, WA 27° F 5K
Was supposed to run a 10k, but it was just too cold for me. Met nice people and promoted FitFam to a dad and his young daughter, a couple of running friends, and a solo runner.
3 🌟 8 43:21 Female Maple Valley, WA 5K
A minute and change faster than Coffee Time! Loving the progress since having my second child via C-section four months ago.
4 44:23 Male 5K
5 🏆 11 49:28 Female Renton, WA 5K
6 1:46:41 Female Collinsville, OK 10K
Did my 10K+ for my birthday on December 17th. Then I got home and found my swag bag in the mail box. I wanted to do another 10K on December 24th wearing my swag but a kidney stone diverted me to the ER instead of the streets. Really glad now I did a 10k the weekend before! I celebrate Christmas until Jan 6 so maybe I can get out there for some longer miles Dec 31st!
7 ⭐️ 3 1:50:09 Female SeaTac, WA 31° F 10K
Did my run in Kirkland, WA. It was cold, but it was Fun! Thanks for all your hard work FitFam!

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New year; new focus
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I LOVE to WUN (Walk/Run)! For me doing these races is about g...
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Wife. Mom. Teacher. Runner. Sports geek. Recovering journalist...
Run randomly for fun, prefer walking and hiking and kayaking. ...
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