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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 40:00 Female ON 5K
2 56:43 Female Manga, UT 28° C 5K
3 1:02:57 Female Magna, UT 29° F 5K
Since I was just coming off bronchitis, I walked instead of run, I felt that was the better options for my lungs.
4 1:03:00 Female 10K
Amazing 10k run this Christmas evening with my sister in Hawaii! Couldn't think of a better way to end our day!
5 1:03:00 Female Honolulu, HI 10K
6 1:07:40 Female Bowmanville, ON -5° C 10K
7 1:07:40 Female Bowmanville, ON -5° C 10K
8 1:20:00 Female Eagle Mountain, UT 10K

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 Bowmanville, ON
 Bowmanville, ON
 Bowmanville, ON
 Manga, UT
 Honolulu, HI
 Sudbury, ON
 Bowmanville, ON
 Sudbury, ON
 Bowmanville, ON
 Eagle Mountain, UT
 Oakville, ON