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1 37:16 Female Orlando, FL 72° F 5K
The run we did in the Hunter's Creek area of Orlando where we live went very well for the Walking Elves although two of us are runners. I did not receive my packet prior to the Saturday, December 17th run; however, the event was a lot of fun for us to do and very different from the usual run/walks we do as a group when we participate in surrounding area community benefits that we raise monies ... See more »
2 48:00 Female US 70° F 5K
5 elves walked and ran on team walking elves plus a toddler and two little girls yet to be born hohoho
3 52:00 Female US 5K

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 Orlando, FL
I am semi-retired and do my best to stay in shape by running....
 Orlando, FL
 Orlando, FL