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1 26:39 Female Beaver Falls, PA 5K
Ran 3.2 miles.
2 29:08 Female 30° F 5K
3 🏆 17 58:31 Male Auburn, WA 32° F 10K
It was a cold run around Green Lake Park and through Candy Cane Lane.
4 🏆 15 1:05:34 Female Canton, OH 36° F 10K
Had a great time listening to Christmas music and taking in the holiday lights!
5 ⭐️ 2 1:10:20 Female Franklin, VT 12° F 10K
It was great! A little icy on the roads had to stop a few times for traffic and change the route, but after all it is winter. I visited a preschool after my run and told them about my journey and finding the Grinch! I shared with how many of us were running to remind Santa not to forget and little girl or boy. When asked if I was going to bring the Grinch back to the North pole I said, Why yes!... See more »

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 Ozark, MO
I LOVE ANIMALS, I volunteer at a local animal shelter, and 90%...
 Canton, OH
I'm a mom of 2 with a passion for running and fitness in gener...
 Kent , WA
I'm a beginner runner, doing 5ks walk/jogging, average time 45...
⭐️ 2
 Springfield, MO
Married, middle-aged mother of 4. Looking to get fit
 Franklin, VT
I am a Princess runner. My daughter got me started running abo...
I am grandma of 11. Soon to be 12. I a Half marathon grandma. ...
 Beaver Falls, PA
I'm a wife, mama, and teacher!
🏆 17
 Auburn, WA
I started my running journey in 2008. Since then I've ran 100+...
 Renton, WA