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1 ⭐️ 3 34:07 Female Bend, OR 38° F 5K
We (My Son and I) took a straight away round trip since it was a cold 38 degree day around the scenic snow covered trees in la-la land just outside Bend, Oregon city limits. We looked at the snow covered mountains and trees as we enjoyed the scenery of white sparkly snow as it glistened and fell upon sunset. We raced to the finish line to get all the presents to Santa before the deadline. We ma... See more »
2 34:07 Male Bend, OR 38° F 5K
I ran with my Momma Elfie and it was Cold, and Snowy, but this little Elfie stayed snug and warm in my stroller till Momma Elfie had me take photos. This Elfie enjoyed the views of snow covered trees and pretty scenery as we ran.
3 ⭐️ 3 38:28 Female Aurora, OH 56° F 5K
The weather was nice today to run outside. The snow and ice was melting but we have more coming later this week. It was fun waving at all the cars passing me in my Elfie swag.
4 ⭐️ 3 38:40 Female BROOKPARK, OH 60° F 5K
It was a beautiful day for an outdoor run. What more could you ask for, 60° the day after Christmas. I didn't see the Grinch. Go Team Elifino. Did this run with my sisters and nephew. Love the virtual runs, I can find time to fit these into my busy schedule. #TeamElifino #ElfieRun

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D.C. is my running partner. He is my little elf at only 30 inc...
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I love coffee, and running and spending time with my little Gr...