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1 🏆 10 33:01 Female Pinellas Park, FL 72° F 5K
2 ⭐️ 3 38:15 Male Wilton Manors, FL 74° F 5K
To track my time I participated in the Delray Beach 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Jog and wanted it to count as my Elfie Run!
3 ⭐️ 4 41:32 Female Brentwood , CA 32° F 5K
My friend and I did this 5k together. We ran around Brentwood, CA on a frosty morning. We stopped to pose for picture and talk to people. Others were wondering what two middle aged ladies were doing out dressed like elves running around town. We had a blast! Went for fun, not time.
4 47:50 Female 5K
5 ⭐️ 2 48:25 Female Oak Harbor , OH 10K
This was my best run to date. I ran it on a treadmill because I can't be out in the cold due to asthma. Was a bit of a struggle towards the end but reminded myself it was for toys for tots. Super proud of myself. May do it again when I get my swag.
6 🌟 5 52:25 Female Janesville, WI 5K
Walked/Jogged on the treadmill...too cold outside in WI for me!
7 🏆 12 52:56 Female Hamilton, ON 2° C 5K
It was windy and chilly but felt great to get out there after 2 failed attempts earlier today!
8 🌟 9 53:37 Female sudbury, MA 43° F 5K
Today's walk, just over a 5k....pacing on teenagers, and shocker of shocks, catching them at a mile and passing them! This is one of the closest to a 5k route near home. As I am working from home/taking time for the holidays and I am trying to walk outdoors while I can, I have been walking a 5k a day. 6 days and counting!
9 ⭐️ 2 1:04:47 Female Farmington Hills , MI 10K
Roads were still too icy so had to make do with the treadmill; longest distance ever done on that device. Evil necessity in the winter.
10 ⭐️ 2 1:10:00 Female Pocatello, ID 5K
Ran outside in the cold, worst 5k time ever!
11 1:15:40 Female Blaine, MN 35° F 10K
I ran around my neighborhood! Stepped in a couple Very. Cold. Puddles on the spring like day!
12 1:20:50 Female US 10K
13 🌟 8 1:33:00 Female North Lawrence, OH 24° F 10K
It was a very emotional run in honor of my mother who past away. I cried at least halfway through it.
14 ⭐️ 2 12:00:00 Female Swoyersville, PA
I have posted my Fitbit info on the fb page. It's a snap shot. I have no other proof . They said it was allow.

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This is my first year doing races - both virtual and live.
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