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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 28:12 Male Rexburg, ID 5K
2 28:30 Male Southfield, MI 5K
3 29:40 Male Southfield, MI 5K
4 46:37 Female Southfield, MI 31° F 5K
Half of our run was on snow and ice, so our times are slower than usual. Only one wipeout, but several near falls. Good time with family!
5 50:49 Female Southfield, MI 5K
6 51:21 Female Provo, UT 5K
7 54:00 Male Southfield, MI 5K
8 1:07:00 Male UT 5K
9 1:07:00 Female US 5K

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 Southfield, MI
 Southfield, MI
Really not a fan of running, so this motivates me to participa...
 Rexburg, ID
 Los Angeles, CA
 Southfield, MI
 Southfield, MI
 Provo, UT
 Southfield, MI
 Los Angeles, CA