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1 ⭐️ 2 23:09 Female Fairview, IL 5° F 5K
Sheet of ice outside! Ran on the treadmill. I have MapMyRun running but it doesn't track anything on the treadmill. I used the proform treadmill to track mileage & speed/time.
2 🌟 5 1:21:00 Female East Peoria, IL 5K
3 3:30:00 Female Centennial, WY 28° F 5K
Counted the 4.1 miles I walked w/my family at the Denver Zoo on Dec 22, 2016. Definitely not the fastest time as we were stopping to see animals along the way, but.... got it done and had a lot of fun.

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Bankers wife, Mama of 2, Teacher, Coach, Younique Elite Presen...
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This is my first 'race'. I'm planning to do the 5K walk with ...
 Centennial, WY
I live in the Snowy Range mountains in SE Wyoming. A friend a...
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